Cooperation with the Taliban: the White House is aware of the irony | Free press

After 20 years of opposition to the war, the Islamist Taliban militants became partners in the evacuations within days. Irony is far too weak a term, the US spokesperson said.

Washington (AP) – The US government recognizes the irony of its current cooperation with militant Islamist Taliban. “I think irony is too weak a term,” US government spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

A reporter from Washington had asked. But these are the circumstances the United States faces in Afghanistan. The Taliban controlled the country. In order to be able to evacuate American citizens, Afghan aid workers, or others in need of protection, the United States should coordinate with the Taliban.

“It is not a privileged relationship,” Psaki said, but stressed: “It is not the only place in the world where we have to work with adversaries or former enemies to advance national security objectives. the United States.”

The US invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001 brought about the overthrow of the Taliban regime. The Islamists then fought foreign soldiers and Afghan security forces. About two weeks ago, the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan after a campaign to conquer the country. Since then, the United States and its allies have desperately tried to shelter its own citizens, Afghan aid workers and other vulnerable people from the Taliban and scare them away. In order to carry out the evacuation mission, they coordinate with the Taliban on different channels.

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