Corona Party: Investigation against the Argentine President | Free press

There are actually strict restrictions in Argentina during the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the head of state Alberto Fernández threw a party. And this now has legal consequences.

Buenos Aires (dpa) – Due to a party organized despite strict coronavirus exit restrictions, the prosecution has opened an investigation against Argentinian head of state Alberto Fernández.

More recently, a photo from the birthday party of President Fabiola Yañez’s wife in June of last year appeared, featuring a dozen guests, Fernández and the First Lady in the Presidential Residence Quinta. by Olivos. At the time, Argentina was under a strict curfew to contain the coronavirus. Celebrations in closed rooms were prohibited by decree.

In view of the politically heated atmosphere before the parliamentary primaries of September 12, the residence party has been in the headlines in Argentina for days. Fernández asked for forgiveness and took responsibility for the celebration. On Thursday, the head of state offered to donate half of his salary to the Instituto Malbrán medical research center in compensation for four months.

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