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Corona quarantine could cost unvaccinated people dearly |

Munich (dpa) – From the perspective of Bavarian Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU), unvaccinated people should no longer be entitled to compensation if they are to be quarantined.

“If the vaccination is reasonable and there are no health reasons against it, then at some point there is no longer any reason that this loss of earnings should eventually be paid by the taxpayer again. “, he said Thursday night on the show. “Maybrit Illner” on ZDF. In Bavaria, this already represents a total of 83 million euros.

According to the infection protection law, this is currently legally possible, he said. There is not just in Bavaria a discussion about not making up for the loss of unvaccinated state income that arises due to the quarantine.

If someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated against a corona infection, it should “not come at the expense of society,” Holetschek told ZDF. “We just have to be consistent.”

Baden-Württemberg had already announced this – and according to the Ministry of Health, it can be assumed that everyone will have a vaccination option by September 15.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated against Corona in Rhineland-Palatinate and receives an official quarantine order has no right to continued payment of his salary from October. To justify this, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health announced Thursday that from October 1, “all citizens of the age groups in which vaccination has been publicly recommended and to the extent that vaccination is medically possible for them, will be offered a corona vaccination offer ”.

In the event of an officially ordered quarantine, employees are entitled to compensation under the Infection Protection Act. According to the Infection Protection Act, however, this is no longer the case if a publicly recommended vaccination could have avoided isolation or an activity ban, the spokeswoman said.

The Minister of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia, Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) also spoke out against the continuation of the payment of salaries of unvaccinated people in the event of quarantine. “We also have to decide whether we want to continue giving unvaccinated people continued payment of wages when they go into quarantine – yes or no?” Laumann told the Düsseldorf state parliament on Thursday. He is expected to examine and resolve this matter in the coming days.

“I am in favor of not giving it to them again, so that it is quite clear whether I am taking the liberty of not being vaccinated – when, by all knowledge, vaccination is the only way to bring this pandemic under control. – then I have to take full responsibility for the consequences, ”said NRW’s Minister of Health.

The law makes it clear that while quarantine can be avoided by vaccination, for example, there is no right to continuous payment of wages, Laumann explained. In his view, quarantine could not remain a long-term national task, the CDU politician said. According to the Ministry of Health, 120 million euros have been spent on maintaining salaries as part of the quarantine in NRW.

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