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The Ibiza scandal has legal consequences. The Vienna Regional Court is convinced that the former Austrian vice-chancellor was bribed. Strache has reached a low point in his career.

Vienna (dpa) – Former Austrian vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has been found guilty of corruption. The Vienna Regional Court on Friday sentenced the 52-year-old man to a 15-month suspended prison sentence.

The lawsuit was about buying the law: according to the indictment, Strache helped the friend who owns a private clinic make a beneficial change to the law. In return, donations were reportedly made to the right-wing FPÖ, of which Strache was then chairman.

Strache’s friend was sentenced to twelve months probation for corruption. The two defendants denied the allegations in court until the end. The judgments are not yet final.

Advantage search for beauty clinic

The process focused on the entrepreneur’s efforts to access the financing fund of the state’s private hospitals with his beauty clinic in Vienna. Inclusion in the fund facilitates compensation for medical services. The man donated a total of 12,000 euros in 2016 and 2017 to the FPÖ, which was still in opposition at the time. He also invited Strache to the island of Corfu. The clinic finally gained access to the fund in 2018 after Strache became vice-chancellor.

The coalition between the FPÖ and the conservative ÖVP of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz erupted in May 2019 after the publication of the so-called Ibiza video. In the secretly filmed tapes, Strache had spoken of questionable methods of party funding and political influence. He then resigned from his post.

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