COVID-19 | Biden denounces “a minority” who are preventing the country from turning the page

(Washington) Joe Biden Thursday condemned “an identified minority of Americans” supported by “an identified minority of politicians” who are preventing the United States from “turning the page” of COVID-19 by refusing to vaccinate permit.

Posted on September 9, 2021 at 4:13 pm Updated at 6:03 pm

“Nearly 80 million Americans are still not vaccinated, and to make matters better, elected officials are actively working to undermine the fight against COVID-19,” which is “unacceptable,” he said, giving the White House a huge Lot put forward a compulsory vaccination plan to “combat those who block public health”.

Those 80 million represent 25% of the population, “who can do a lot of harm and who does it,” Biden said, assuring him that he wanted the United States to “return to a normal life.”

This plan calls for hundreds of millions of employees at large American companies to be vaccinated or screened for weekly.

About four million federal officials of U.S. executives and subcontractor employees will also need to be vaccinated.

Joe Biden’s speech is against the backdrop of an epidemic resurgence since the beginning of summer because of the Delta variant, while some Americans are hesitant or opposed to vaccination.

Even if the vaccination campaign was resumed in August in some of the countries hit hard by the variant, the country is experiencing “a decisive phase,” said the president, before he blows “vaccinate” at the end of his speech.

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