COVID-19 in the UK | Study contradicts decline in registered cases

(London) According to a study by the National Statistics Office (ONS) released on Friday, the coronavirus epidemic in the UK continued to increase last week, in contrast to the decline in the number of cases registered daily by health services.

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 at 8:14 am

In the week that ended July 24th, the number of cases continued to rise in the UK, with the exception of Scotland, where the percentage of people who test positive has declined, according to the ONS, but which notes a possible slowdown in England.

The ONS, based on a population sample, estimates 856,200 people were infected in England this week, or one in 65, the same percentage as Northern Ireland. One in 110 people was infected in Scotland and one in 160 in Wales.

These numbers contrast with those of the daily re-enrolled cases, which have created confusion among academics and the government at a time when the end of restrictions in England and the start of school holidays are mixed up.

After an explosion since early summer due to the highly contagious Delta variant, the UK recently recorded up to 60,000 new cases within 24 hours. But the daily numbers for new contamination fell for a while before they rose again in the last few days.

The number of hospital admissions is increasing (almost 6,300 in the last seven days, up 21%), as are the deaths: 499 in the last seven days (up almost 29%), a total of over 129,000 deaths, one of the worst records in Europe.

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