crucial role of the brain revealed by study

A study carried out by scientists from Inserm, Lille University and Lille University Hospital in the Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory in Lille showed the exact role that the brain plays in patients with diabetes. The study, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, focuses on leptin, which is excreted by adipose tissue. In fact, it is the hormone that sends the satiety signal to the brain.

Removed cellular receptors in mice

This phenomenon makes it possible to finish the meal. According to the journal, the scientists carried out their research on certain models of mice. They removed cellular receptors from some mice that allow information to be carried to the brain. A quarter after this withdrawal it was observed that the fat mass of these animals doubled.

The muscle mass, on the other hand, was reduced by half. Scientists regularly monitored the level of sugar (blood sugar) in animals, on an empty stomach and after injecting glucose. The observation is that the animals were no longer able to secrete insulin normally via the pancreas.

“Correct functioning of altered neurons”

“On the one hand, we show that the brain’s perception of leptin is essential for the management of energy homeostasis and blood sugar. On the other hand, blocking the transport of leptin to the brain alters the proper functioning of the neurons that control insulin secretion from the pancreas, ”concluded Vincent Prévot, Research Director at Inserm.

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