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On the occasion of the ordinary meeting of the National Board of the Federation of Workers of Benin (CSTB) on Friday, September 24, 2021, Secretary General Kassa Mampo, in his opening speech, reiterated the position of this union through a report on the imposition of COVID vaccination by Organization the government for workers. We note that the CSTB has protested and continues to protest against the imposition of vaccinations on workers.

The Secretary General of the CSTB, Kassa Mampo, recalled that in Benin the government and certain public and private companies, in violation of health and workers’ rights, “arbitrarily decide to dismiss unvaccinated workers, particularly in the health sector are sick has proven to be effective, but so have the sensible barrier measures, especially since it has not been proven that a vaccinated person can neither be infected nor transmit the disease.

He notes that governments are trying to arbitrarily impose vaccination against Covid-19 on workers and people, while “cynically” releasing their responsibility for the harmful consequences that could result from such vaccinations. Kassa Mampo points out that human health vaccines are all the more unsafe as some countries such as Japan and countries in Europe have temporarily suspended the use of Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines.

CSTB continues to protest

It is for this reason that the CSTB has protested and continues to protest against the imposition of vaccinations on workers. The CSTB congratulates union officials who have condemned the imposition of the vaccine on workers. In particular, she congratulated the UNSTB, SYNACEA-MAEP, the unions of the health care unions and all workers who oppose the imposition of vaccinations on workers. For Kassa Mampo, “the exclusion of the CSTB delegation from the meetings of the 1st regular meeting of the government / trade union confederation negotiating committee because of the vaccination certificate is arbitrary”.

In his opinion, this decision hides, by no means a health measure, something for a commission of only about thirty people. In his opinion, the barrier measures could be complied with and the meetings could be held without any problems. However, he assures that this exclusion did not prevent the CSTB from reminding the government of the various demands to be met, which have long been known to all.

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