Cuomo employee resigns

(Albany, NY) Senior Assistant to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned Sunday. This is yet another sign of the Democrat’s increasing isolation after an Attorney General investigation found he sexually molested 11 women.

Posted on Aug 9, 2021 at 12:33 pm

Marina Villeneuve Associated Press

Melissa DeRosa, who was one of Cuomo’s most loyal supporters and strategists, said in a multi-media statement that serving the people of New York was “the greatest honor (of his) life.”

But she added, “Personally, the last two years have been emotionally and mentally demanding. ”

She did not give a precise reason for her resignation.

“I will always be grateful to be able to work for our country with such talented and committed colleagues,” she said.

Ms DeRosa left after Mr Cuomo was fighting for his political survival despite threats of criminal investigations and numerous indictments.

Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have asked him to resign or face impeachment proceedings that he is unlikely to be able to win.

Around two thirds of the members of the state parliament have already stated that they support impeachment proceedings if he refuses to resign. Almost all of the state’s 63 Senate members have called on Mr. Cuomo to resign or impeach.

More harmful news for the governor is expected on Monday as CBS This Morning is scheduled to air the first television interview with an executive assistant who accused Cuomo of chest fingers.

In her first public interview in which she identified herself, Brittany Commisso told CBS TV and the Albany Times-Union newspaper that what Cuomo did was a crime and that it “must be held accountable”.

Ms. Commisso said Mr. Cuomo slipped a hand under her shirt and petted her last year when they were alone in a room at the Executive Mansion, and on another occasion he rubbed her bum as they posed for a photo. She was the first woman to file criminal charges against Cuomo.

“He broke the law,” she said in an excerpt from an interview that is due to be released in full on Monday.

Mr Cuomo, who has been saying for months that the public will be “shocked” once he tells his side of the story, has largely taken refuge in the governor’s residence since a 168 report was published. Pages written by two independent lawyers to be investigated by the prosecutor.

He denied touching women inappropriately. Their lawyers attacked the credibility and motives of their accusers.

DeRosa, who Cuomo has often defended on public criticism, has been in government since 2013. She received the title “Governor’s Secretary” in 2017 and was probably the most famous face in the world after Cuomo.


Melissa DeRosa and Andrew Cuomo at a press conference on June 23, 2021.


Melissa DeRosa and Andrew Cuomo on September 14, 2018.


Andrew Cuomo and Melissa DeRosa, after meeting Donald Trump, January 18, 2017.


She was by his side during most of his press conferences, often answering journalists’ political questions when the governor didn’t know enough details to answer them.

DeRosa is mentioned 187 times in the attorney general’s report describing the government’s efforts to discredit some of its accusers.

The investigators’ report revealed some tension between DeRosa and Cuomo: she told investigators that she was so upset about the way Cuomo had a sexual assault conversation with one of his accusers (ex-assistant Charlotte Bennett) that she got angry from her car rose when she stopped at a traffic light.

The State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is due to meet on Monday to discuss the closing date of the month-long investigation to determine whether Cuomo should be charged.

The investigation focused on sexual harassment and misconduct, the government’s refusal to disclose the number of nursing home residents who died from COVID-19, the use of government resources for the Cuomo’s $ 5 million disclosure deal, and efforts to address COVID-19 -Tests for the governor’s close circle in spring 2020 when tests were scarce.

Some lawmakers want an impeachment vote in days, but commissioners say the investigation could end in a month. The law of the state requires at least 30 days between an impeachment vote by the Assembly and an impeachment trial by the Senate.

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