Dabus, an artificial intelligence named inventor in South Africa

This is a novelty that has just taken place in South Africa in the field of technology. In fact, the country recognized an artificial intelligence named Dabus as an inventor, on the occasion of a patent application. It was on July 29, 2021 that the South African patent office issued the decision.

He created a food container with the ability to better retain heat.

Designed by the American researcher Stephen Thaler, Dabus managed to create, in August 2020, without human intervention, a food container with the ability to better retain heat. It should be noted that the recognition of this artificial intelligence as an inventor was analyzed by the professor at the University of Toulouse Capitole, Alexandra Mendoza-Caminade. According to his explanation, “if until now no other office has admitted a patent with mention of AI, it is because it is considered that the inventor must necessarily be a natural person.” He also added that what we are talking about today is based on a 1973 Munich convention, which, however, has not undergone any change.

All requests have been rejected

According to her, artificial intelligence “is not a subject of law and has no law. Therefore, we cannot recognize and protect your creations. This will be the case as long as it is recognized as a machine and tool ”. As a reminder, since 2019, the team that developed Dabus, The Artificial Inventor Project, had done everything possible to have the latter recognized as an inventor. To this end, a number of requests have been made in particular to the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. But all of them have been rejected except the one from South Africa which was recently approved.

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