Defamation and defamation debate overshadows Labor Party Congress |

It doesn’t work at Labor. The old bastions are being lost, the polls are bad. The former ruling party wants to plan the restart at its party convention.

Brighton (AP) – An internal dispute and insulting debate overshadowed the start of the UK opposition Labor Party party conference.

Deputy party leader Angela Rayner on Sunday refused to apologize for calling the ruling Conservative Party “scum.” You will only beg forgiveness if Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologizes for earlier “homophobic, racist and misogynistic” comments, Rayner told Sky News.

The politician stressed that her comment was not aimed at voters, but rather members of the government who provided their buddies with billions of contracts instead of children with food during the pandemic. The government only reintroduced free school meals for the poorest children after strong public pressure. During the corona pandemic, several major donors and friends of the Conservative Party also received lucrative orders.

Rayner also caused a sensation within his own party. In an interview with Times magazine, she made no secret of her ambitions for the highest office in the party. She certainly “wouldn’t say no” if asked, Rayner said. Your relationship with party leader Keir Starmer has long been viewed as strained.

Starmer suffered a setback ahead of the party’s conference start in the coastal town of Brighton in southern England. Under pressure from the left and the unions, he canceled his plan to reform the party’s internal electoral system. It was a “humiliating retirement,” commented broadcaster Sky News.

Starmer, in office for a year and a half, is under great pressure. Despite numerous mistakes and U-turns by the Conservative Party in handling the corona crisis, the former ruling party is lagging behind in the polls. In addition, the Tories were able to win several local elections in previous Labor strongholds.

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