Delta variant is progressing dangerously

The pandemic surrounding the new coronavirus continues to preoccupy the news. In fact, the Covid variant identified in India a few months ago is spreading worryingly, according to an announcement by the World Health Organization. This is the variant known as Delta. Starting from India, it is already present in more than 80 countries. This variant of the virus has already prompted several countries to take new measures to prevent it from spreading.

Sydney locked up again

For example, this is the city of Sydney in Australia. A new full containment was imposed on this part of Australia last weekend. In this country in particular, there has been an unusual increase in the number of people affected by this variant. The victims of this variant identified in India include countries such as South Africa, Bangladesh, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Return to normal in some countries

Remember, this variant comes when the world thought it had turned its back on this pandemic. Some countries, such as France and the United States, have started to revert to pre-pandemic habits. Barrier measures such as wearing a mask have not been mandatory in recent weeks.

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