Denmark lifted all corona restrictions |

For the Danish people, life is returning to normal. The country has a vaccination rate of over 80% and has now lifted all corona measures.

Copenhagen (dpa) – In Denmark, the latest corona restrictions will no longer apply this Friday. For example, no one is required to show a corona passport at certain major events such as the matches of the best Danish soccer league.

It is not necessary to prove that you have been vaccinated, cured or tested negative, even in recently reopened clubs. At the same time, Covid-19, the disease caused by the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, is no longer classified as a “socially critical illness”.

The mask requirement and other corona restrictions have already been gradually reduced in Denmark in recent weeks and months. More recently, earlier this month, the nightlife was allowed to reopen after a year and a half, but at first with the obligation to be able to show a test, vaccination or recovery on the smartphone using d ‘a Corona passport. At the same time, this requirement had been lifted for bars, fitness rooms and others.

One of the reasons for the final easing is the high vaccination rate, as Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said in late August. To date, more than 83 percent of all people over the age of twelve in the country have been fully immunized.

However, when entering from abroad, certain restrictions still apply, depending on the country or region of origin: German travelers who have not been vaccinated or who have recovered, for example, should be tested for Corona after entering the country. Schleswig-Holstein, bordering Denmark, is not concerned.

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