Despite the misfortunes: the elections in Berlin will not be repeated |

Berlin (dpa) – Despite numerous incidents in Sunday’s election, the Berlin Senate has so far seen no reason to repeat the House of Representatives election.

“From what the Senate knows so far, there is no indication yet that there are errors so serious that a re-election is imminent”, said on Tuesday Christian Gaebler (SPD), head of the chancellery of the Senate, at the end of the Senate meeting. . “We should wait quietly until this is analyzed.”

It will take some time to fully clarify the issues. So far, there is no complete overview, said Geert Baasen, head of the office of the regional director of returns. Due to the surveys carried out among the twelve districts of Berlin, which in turn would have to obtain information from the electoral commissions of the numerous polling stations, this would not be quick. No results will be available this week.

Gaebler also admitted that the organization there had clearly reached its limits in some places. “This will have to be dealt with by the state returning officer and district returning officers.” When this report is released, the Senate will see where additional support is needed in future elections.

In Berlin, where the Bundestag election, House of Representatives and district parliament elections and a referendum were combined, some voters had to wait well after 6 p.m. on Sunday. Many voters took a long time to get their six crosses because of the five different ballots. In some places the ballots were missing. In the morning, the Berlin Marathon also took place. The federal returning officer has requested a report from the state’s return authority. A challenge to the election would only be possible once the official final result has been established on October 14. Returning officer Petra Michaelis admitted problems Monday, but declined the impact on staff.

Breakdowns “not necessarily” endanger the result

According to the President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Stephan Harbarth, the misadventures do not necessarily jeopardize the outcome of the Bundestag elections. Harbarth told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Tuesday) that not all the loopholes resulted in the election being null and void. Even if the legal composition of the Bundestag were to be affected, an election does not necessarily have to be repeated. “In principle, the following applies: the interest in maintaining an elected representative body must be balanced against the effects of electoral error.”

Election observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) recorded the mishaps during the elections in Berlin. The head of the team that observed the federal elections in Germany, Lolita Cigane, told the Germany Editorial Network (RND / Tuesday) that she could draw no conclusions for the whole of Germany from the individual incidents in the polling stations, “because we did not observe all the polling stations”. The OSCE election observation team was in Berlin with four experts. According to the RND, the OSCE plans to release its report on the federal elections in about a month.

Friday polls

Meanwhile, the Berlin SPD leadership remains open with whom it wants to form a new state government. There should be initial talks at the end of the week. “We start with the Greens on Friday. And then with the left. So with the previous coalition partners, ”party co-leader Raed Saleh said on rbb news radio on Tuesday. Then the FDP and CDU should follow. “It is a matter of respect that we are discussing with all the Democratic parties.”

“We will wait and see what the talks come to a conclusion,” Saleh said. He doesn’t believe in the play of colors. “It’s a question of content.” “And I can say it very clearly: we have been doing good politics in recent years. But now we have explorations for the new legislature. And then we’ll see how the talks go. “

The SPD won on Sunday with top candidate Franziska Giffey. It is not clear, however, which government will get the capital. The preliminary official final result allows several possibilities, one is the continuation of the previous coalition of the SPD, the Left and the Greens. But other tripartite alliances, such as the SPD, CDU and FDP, are also possible.

According to a report by rbb in some district associations of the Berlin SPD

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