Discovery of 3 new dinosaurs in China

It is a great discovery that has been made in China. In fact, the fossils of three giant dinosaurs were found in the northwest of the country, in the Xinjiang region, more precisely in the Turpan-Hami basin. However, the fossilized remains of these animals are incomplete, as they are made up of various ribs, portions of rib cages, and vertebrae.

Silutitan sinensis could reach 20 m long

According to researcher Xiaolin Wang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who analyzed them, the three fossils prove that these dinosaurs lived in the Lower Cretaceous period, between 130 and 120 million years ago. The first dinosaur discovered belongs to a new species called Silutitan sinensis. While studying the neck vertebrae, the scientists noticed several points of similarity with another dinosaur named: Euhelopus. According to the work, the Silutitan sinensis could reach 20 m in length. The second specimen found was identified as a new species, Hamititan xinjiangensis. Unlike the others, it was named taking into account the 7 vertebrae of the tail.

As for the third, it only has four vertebrae. The fact that she had little information about him made it difficult to identify. But it may be a titanosauriform. Keep in mind that all of these dinosaurs are sauropods. They are among the great dinosaurs that have ever existed on earth. Other giants such as brachiosaurs and diplodocus are also found in this category. In addition, studies of the discovered fossils have been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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