Einstein’s theory confirmed by researchers

Einstein is right once again. A recent study conducted by researchers led by the astrophysicist at Stanford University in California, Dan Wilkins, confirmed the theory of general relativity of the famous scientist Albert Einstein, which he made public in 1916. In the Einstein he had already raised the hypothesis about the light “echoes” around a black hole.

It was the first time that a scientist presented this theory. And more than a millennium later, scientists agree with him. For information, black holes are regions of space-time known until then for not letting light escape due to the very strong power of attraction of their gravity. However, thanks to a phenomenon that nobody calls “strange”, the extreme gravity of a black hole acts on the space that surrounds it, causing deformations. This is what promotes the phenomenon whereby light “echoes”, leaning towards the back of the object.

Space telescopes

According to a statement from ESA, for their study, the researchers used NASA’s NuSTAR and XMM-Newton space telescopes belonging to the European Space Agency. This is to be able to contemplate the light behind a black hole that is 800 million light years away in the spiral galaxy I Zwicky and that is 110 million times larger than our sun. By contemplating the path of light behind a black hole, researchers hope to unravel the mystery of events that occur near gravitational vortices.

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