Elon Musk addresses Apple about cobalt in its batteries

In 2016, Amnesty International published a report indicating that child labor is used to extract cobalt, a mineral used in lithium-ion batteries found in devices from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and the automakers Daimler and Volkswagen. . A report that later forced Apple to take an official position. This Monday, the head of Tesla did not fail during his call for quarterly results, to return to the controversy in which Apple was immersed, to say the technological superiority of the batteries of its electric vehicles, addressing the Cupertino company in passing.

A ratio of “2%” to “100%”

This Monday, Elon Musk during his call for results made a big announcement, that of record earnings for Tesla, 1.1 billion dollars. An opportunity for the head of the company to confront Apple. It is because the relations between the two companies are not in good shape. Musk himself had confessed last year the grudge he held against those in charge of the apple brand, when they refused to grant him a simple interview to discuss a purchase proposal he wanted them to make about Tesla.

Additionally, leaks from the Cupertino company’s side have suggested that Apple is working on an autonomous vehicle that would allow users to reach their destinations with “little or no commitment.” With the speculated electric car that could launch in 2027. But for Elon Musk, Tesla had acquired performance and scale that Apple could hardly compete with. Also at the level of the batteries and the difference was clear, according to the head of Space X.

“Apple uses, I think, almost 100% cobalt in its batteries, cell phones, and laptops, but Tesla does not use cobalt in iron phosphate packets, and almost nothing in chemicals made from it. On a weighted average basis, we could use 2% cobalt versus Apple’s 100% cobalt, ”Elon Musk said Monday. A real stroke from the head of Tesla, when we learn that the apple brand’s reliance on cobalt has been the source of much controversy since the 2016 Amnesty International report.

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