Elon Musk announces a “humanoid” robot prototype by 2022

Wealthy businessman Elon Musk continues to share his plans in the scientific field. According to an announcement he made this Thursday, August 19 for an event dedicated to artificial intelligence, his company is in the process of setting up an android. The goal according to him is to present it next year.

“Tesla Bot”

“Tesla is by far the largest robotics company, because our cars are semi-sensitive robots on wheels,” said the man some describe as an “eccentric billionaire.” The robot he touted as “Tesla Bot” will be a condensed version of the technology he used for his smart vehicles.

“A humanoid robot”

“It makes sense to integrate all of this into a humanoid robot, especially since we are also good at sensors, batteries and actuators,” said the wealthy Tesla boss. He took advantage of the session to present a model of his project. In a rather comical tone, he assured that it will not be a second terminator. “It will be friendly, of course,” he said in particular. “From a mechanical point of view, we designed it so that you can run away from it or control it. “He also pitched.

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