European Union criticizes Scholz for the term “guinea pig” |

“We have all been the guinea pigs of those who have waited until now … Please join us.” For this choice of words, the candidate for chancellor of the SPD Olaf Scholz is strongly criticized by the politicians of the Union.

Oberhausen / Berlin (dpa) – Union politicians criticized Olaf Scholz for a vaccination call in which the SPD chancellor candidate described those who had previously been vaccinated against Corona as guinea pigs.

“People are not guinea pigs in this country,” Union candidate chancellor Armin Laschet said at the CDU Brandenburg State Party conference in Potsdam on Saturday. He urged his competitors to refrain from such conditions.

“They were all guinea pigs”

Scholz had previously announced the vaccination against Covid-19 with these words: “50 million have now been vaccinated twice. We were all guinea pigs for those who waited until now. That’s why I say as one of those 50 million – it went well! Please join us, ”Scholz said in an interview with local NRW radio.

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wrote in preparation for the statement on Twitter: “Such a choice of words is a great starting point for those who want to undermine trust with half-truths and lies.” CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak argued in the same way.

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