FAA-related 777X issues –

In a letter sent to Boeing by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and consulted with the Seattle Times, the FAA told the aircraft manufacturer that its 777X was not yet ready for a major certification milestone. The FAA has indicated that it will not “realistically” certify the aircraft until mid to late 2023. In the letter dated May 13, the FAA cited a number of issues that led it to reject the aircraft. The manufacturer’s request to issue a Type Authorization Inspection (TIA).

“The aircraft is not yet ready for TIA,” the FAA wrote, refusing to approve “a limited-range progressive TIA with a small number of certification flight test plans.” The letter cited numerous concerns about a lack of data and the lack of a preliminary safety assessment for the FAA to review. “The FAA will not approve any aircraft unless it meets our safety and certification standards,” the agency said in a statement Sunday.

Safety as a top priority for the 777X

According to a Boeing spokesperson, the company “remained fully focused on safety as our top priority during the development of the 777X. While we put the aircraft through a comprehensive testing program to demonstrate its safety and reliability, we are working on a rigorous development process to ensure all applicable requirements. “

The 777X will be the first major aircraft to be certified as software failures in two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have caused fatal accidents. European regulators had said in particular that they would subject the 777X to increased scrutiny after fatal accidents brought the 737 MAX to a standstill for 20 months. The agency said it wanted Boeing to “implement a robust process so that a similar breakdown does not occur in the future and is not a systemic problem.”

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