Federal and State Governments Want to Resolve All-Day Dispute |

The federal and Länder governments agree that the full-time offer in primary schools in Germany should be expanded. There was only one dispute over funding. Now we have to find a solution.

Berlin / Stuttgart (dpa) – The federal and Länder governments want to make another last-minute attempt to resolve the financial dispute over all-day child care for primary school children ahead of the federal elections.

Next Friday, an informal working group is to explore a possible compromise, grand coalition circles in Berlin said on Monday. If this is successful, the Bundestag and Bundesrat mediation committee could meet next Monday. Time is running out as the Bundestag will hold its last session ahead of the Bundestag elections on Tuesday next week, in which the law could be re-enacted. The Federal Council refused to approve the law at the end of June and summoned the mediation commission.

It was in fact expected that each child entering school from the summer of 2026 would be entitled to a full-time place during the first four school years. In order to be able to guarantee this legal claim, the Länder must create hundreds of thousands of new full-time places. They demand much more help from the federal government for long-term investment and operating costs. More recently Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) called on the federal government to make further financial concessions and pave the way for a deal.

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