Fires in Algeria | Police arrest 36 suspects for lynching

(Algiers) Algerian police announced on Sunday the arrest of 36 people suspected of participating in the lynching and burning of a man by a crowd that wrongly accused him of pyromania in the deadly fire of Kabylia.

Posted on Aug 15, 2021 at 2:40 pm

The case shocked and moved the country after videos posted on social media showing a mob beating a man to death who actually helped put out the flames than raging fires in Algeria in less than a week more than 90 claimed dead and missing.

The victim, Djamel Ben Ismaïl, 38, “surrendered himself to the police” after hearing that they set fire to the forest, Criminal Investigation Director Mohamed Chakour said during a press conference.

Images transmitted online show the crowd surrounding the police car badly affected by the fire in Larbaa Nath Irathen, Tizi Ouzou Prefecture, and the victim being freed from the vehicle after it was hit. The man was then beaten and subsequently sacrificed while young people took selfies in front of the body.

Among the 36 suspects arrested, the man “who stabbed the victim” was arrested when he “tried to flee to Morocco,” added Chakour, stressing that the investigation is ongoing.

The images of the lynching were widely circulated and commented on, particularly through the hashtag #JusticePourDjamelBenIsmail.

A picture of a person attempting to behead the charred body was also shown during the police press conference.

This “represents a further trauma for the family and the Algerian people who have already been shocked by this tragedy”, estimates the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights in a press release and reiterates its demand for “justice and truth” in relation to this “pathetic murder” . “.

The victim’s father, Noureddine Ben Ismaïl, admirably dignified, was hailed as a national hero after calling for calm and brotherhood among Algerians.

“His gesture, which is to be included in the world pantheon of the founding acts of human nobility, tolerance and righteousness, could or will be produced by only a few people,” praised the journalist and writer Mohamed Badaoui on his Facebook page.

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