Floods in India | Hundreds of thousands of people in danger

(Guwahati) In northeast India, rivers and streams continued to flood on Monday, where hundreds of thousands of people have stranded on the roofs of their homes or have fled to higher areas after further torrential rains.

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 at 12:49 pm

It has been raining heavily in this region for more than a week and has brought the Brahmaputra and other major rivers in the states of Assam and Bihar out of their beds.

Many villages flooded up to two meters of water. Experts believe that annual flooding in the region will worsen due to climate change.

Authorities released water from a dam fearing that the dam’s walls would collapse.

Tens of thousands of people have been stranded in villages isolated from the floods. State governments have reported that more than 400,000 of them have been promoted to high positions.

Anuwara Khatun, 16, said she and her family spent almost a week on the roof of their home in Ghasbari, Marigaon District, Assam.

“The water level has been rising for five days,” she told AFP by phone from her devastated village on the banks of the Brahmaputra. “Many families are stranded on their roofs. There is a lack of basic food, so we only eat once a day. There is no hygiene here ”.

“There is no clean water or food, and the children are crying out for milk. We pray for help because the government does not have to provide any help yet, ”said Santosh Mandal, who moved his family to a sandbar in the Supaul district of Bihar.

Authorities in Bihar have sent boats to rescue residents, but they are focusing on the hardest hit areas.

According to the governments of Bihar and Assam, more than 12,000 people were in emergency camps.

The floods also threaten a reserve declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the first world sanctuary for the unicorn rhinoceros in India (more than 2,000 pieces). About 70% of the 430 km2 Kaziranga National Park in the state of Assam is underwater and threatening rhinos, elephants and wild boars.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Prime Minister of Assam, made an “urgent appeal” to traffic on Monday to avoid a main road through the reserve. He said animals that sought refuge on this route are now in danger.

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