Former EU Council President does not rule out Poland’s exit from the EU |

At present, it is above all the dispute over Polish judicial reform that weighs on relations between Brussels and Warsaw. Could the Poles one day follow the British example and turn their backs on the EU?

Warsaw (AP) – Former EU Council President and Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk does not consider his country’s exit from the EU to be ruled out.

Poland could no longer be a member of the EU “faster than it looks” if the current campaign of the national-conservative PiS party gets out of hand, Tusk told TVN24 on Friday. Tusk is the acting chairman of Poland’s largest opposition party, the Liberal-Conservative Civic Platform.

Two days ago, a senior PiS representative questioned Poland’s continued cooperation with the EU, triggering a nation-wide debate. “We have to think about how much more, how much more we can work together so that we all stay in the EU and that this EU is acceptable to us,” Ryszard Terlecki, head of the PiS group, said on Wednesday at a economic forum in Karpacz. and refers to Brexit.

Poland must also think of “drastic measures”. A government spokesperson then stressed that Poland’s exit from the EU was not planned.

The ongoing dispute between Warsaw and Brussels over Polish judicial reforms has recently intensified. The European Commission on Wednesday asked the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for financial sanctions against Poland. The background is the continued activity of a disciplinary body to punish Polish judges.

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