France | Pharmacists attacked by anti-vaccine protesters

(Paris) “In view of the escalation of violence against pharmacies and professionals working there”, the actors of the profession condemn “these acts in the strongest possible way” and on Tuesday called for “appeasement”.

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 at 10:55 am

A “sudden outbreak of violence has been voiced against pharmacists who have been held accountable, insulted, whose barnums have been destroyed or even a pharmacy burned,” denounced in a joint statement by the National Order of Pharmacists and the FSPF (Federation of Pharmaceutical Syndicates of France). USPO (Union of Pharmacists Union of Officine) and ANEPF (National Association of Pharmacy Students of France).

“If the vaccine and detention concerns can be raised, then no way should the health professionals, who have been fully committed to protecting the French since the beginning of the epidemic, bear the cost of such shocking and intolerable acts. Nothing can justify such acts, ”add the experts, who“ condemn these acts of violence in the strongest possible terms and demand the respect of all health professionals with one voice ”.

“Acts of violence and intimidation” involving “doctors, pharmacists, other health professionals and facility or vaccination center staff” were also condemned “with the utmost determination” on Tuesday by the Order of Doctors, which “hopes the perpetrators will do so.” Facts “will be severely punished by the authorities”.

Asked by AFP about possible preventive measures to protect the pharmacies during the next demonstrations, the interior minister assured that “the prefect can be alerted if the pharmacies are found on the way of the procession”.

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