French government ultimatum to caregivers –

Nursing staff in France still have a few weeks to get vaccinated. After the September deadline, there is a risk that they will be forced to receive the various doses of the vaccine established against Covid-19. This should at least be remembered from the statement made by the French Minister of Health on Tuesday, June 29th. Olivier Véran pointed out to “Franceinfo” that a law could absolutely prescribe the vaccination of nursing staff.

For the ministerial authority, the government gives itself “the summer until September so that everyone can make their choice”. “If the vaccination is not sufficient,” according to the Minister of Health, a legal requirement can cause nursing staff to adhere to it.

Olivier Véran congratulates the supervisors

“But above all this collective persuasion, and I definitely don’t want to point a finger at the supervisors or burden them because their job is complicated, that they are fed up with it, they have had a very difficult year,” he continued French health minister continued during his visit to “Franceinfo”. “You cannot work in a hospital if you are not vaccinated against hepatitis B. You cannot fly to Guyana if you are not vaccinated against yellow fever,” recalls Olivier Véran.

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