Future European warplanes | Paris, Berlin and Madrid confirm financing of 3 billion euros

(Paris) France, Germany and Spain will sign the intergovernmental agreement on the necessary financing of studies leading to a flight demonstrator of the Future Air Combat System (SCAF) in Paris on Monday evening, the French ministry said.

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 at 1:09 pm

The three countries announced on May 17 that they had agreed on this system, which will include a drone-escorted fighter aircraft.

The agreement, which will be initialed on Monday evening by the French Minister Florence Parly, her German counterpart Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and the Spanish Defense Minister Esperanza Casteleiro LLamazares, implements this.

“This intergovernmental agreement is a prerequisite for an agreement between states and manufacturers to sign contracts for the execution of work. Negotiations with the manufacturers are ongoing, we assume that they will be concluded in the coming weeks, ”we told the ministerial office. “We don’t identify a hard point, but there are always discussions,” especially about the division of labor between the various actors, according to this source.

The agreement stipulates that the three states will equally share a maximum total amount of 3 billion euros (4.5 billion Canadian dollars) excluding taxes (3.6 billion euros including taxes) for the detailed studies referred to as “Phase 1B” will finance, so the festivals. These must take place over a period of 32 to 40 months and lead to the definition of the demonstrator. They also relate to technological maturity work.

First flight in 2027

The demonstrator, a kind of pre-prototype, is intended to prove the reliability of the selected technologies.

The agreement also provides for “Phase 2” of the demonstrator, which has to fly in 2027.

For this phase “we are planning a maximum budget of 4.2 billion euros without taxes” or 5.04 billion euros including taxes, which, according to this source, is to be divided between the three countries.

“This is an extremely important milestone that we have passed,” we added: a total of 250 million euros has been spent on the program since it was launched in 2017.

The SCAF is the major European cooperation program that is to replace the German and Spanish fighter jets Rafale and Eurofighters by 2040.

It is more than a new generation fighter aircraft (NGF), it is a “system of systems” that revolves around the aircraft with accompanying drones, all connected via a “combat cloud” to other military means involved in an operation involved.

The Chiefs of Staff of the three Air Forces will also have to sign the Common Operational Requirements Document (CORD) that the SCAF must comply with on Monday.

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