Gabon exports generic medicines made in the country –

Gabon, the next export country for health products and pharmaceuticals? In fact, the very first pharmaceutical factory in Gabon has just opened its doors on the side of the Nkok Special Economic Zone. A factory that should enable the Gabonese, but also the entire African continent, to benefit from a continuous flow of vital medicines.

Good news, because Africa has so far mainly imported its medicines from India and China. This new location should make it possible to limit this dependency and, above all, to enable a health revolution in Africa. Today the factory enables the production of around thirty generic drugs at lower prices, on the order of 30 to 40%.

Gabon will export medicines to Africa

The raw materials are mainly imported from Europe. Experts come from India for about two years later to ensure a transfer of skills and knowledge. For the time being, the factory has to be content with the production of “classic” drugs.

A health revolution for the continent

In fact, it still produces sanzithro (azithromycin), sacetam (paracetamol), and laprofen (ibuprofen) to this day. There are also around 1 million tablets, almost 150,000 bottles of syrup and hundreds of thousands of capsules and capsules. So a real revolution that has only just begun.

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