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Scientists of German origin have investigated the phenomenon of thrombosis in certain test subjects who received the vaccines AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson developed against Covid-19. According to the information published by the “Financial Times” on this situation, the researchers would have succeeded in identifying the root factor of this evil recorded in certain people. They would have suggested a solution to this situation as well.

Adenovirus problem

In particular, these German scientists at the Goethe University in Frankfurt point out that the problem lies at the level of the adenovirus. “The viral piece of DNA […] is not optimized for nucleus transcription, ”they said in the study they published. They also say the problem doesn’t make the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson a product for the trash.

“I can tell you what to do …”

“With the data we have in our hands, we can tell companies how to mutate these sequences and code the spike protein in such a way that unintentional splicing reactions are avoided,” explains one of the chief researchers at the Financial Times. “If you contact me, I can tell you what to do to make a better vaccine,” he continued.

It is worth remembering that AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are facing real difficulties in the marketplace. Many executives have taken action after a thrombosis occurred after vaccination of certain people.

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