Germans fear tax increases after Corona |

Berlin (dpa) – The high national debt in the corona pandemic and the consequences for your own wallet have become the main concern of Germans.

This is shown by the study “Fear of the Germans” published on Thursday. In it, 53% of 2,400 people surveyed said they were very afraid of a tax increase or reduction in benefits due to Corona. Fears of inflation come second: 50% see the cost of living increasing. Just as many call the cost of the EU’s debt – it’s third place. Data is determined annually for R + V insurance.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, public debts increased by 14.4% or 273.8 billion euros during the corona crisis to reach a record level in 2020 alone. The inflation rate reached 3 , 9% in August, its highest level in many years.

In the annual survey, participants are asked to rate given topics on a scale from one (no fear at all) to seven (very afraid). The ranking is determined from this. The fear that the state is overloaded with refugees comes fourth with 45%. 43 percent worry about harmful substances in food, just as many are concerned with old age. Seventh place is occupied by concerns about “tensions due to the influx of foreigners”, cited by 42% of those questioned.

The main election campaign topic, climate protection, only appears in eighth place in the annual survey: 41% of respondents expressed great fear of more frequent natural disasters and extreme weather conditions . However, according to information from R + V, the investigation took place before the flood disaster in western Germany.

This is why another 1,000 people were polled online at the end of July – with a radical change: in the additional survey, 69% expressed fear of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, 61% feared that climate change could ‘have dramatic consequences for humanity. These are record values, explained R + V.

Another topic was the perception of politics. According to a survey, residents of eastern Germany have significantly less trust in politicians than citizens of the West. According to the study “Fear of the Germans”, one in two people in the Eastern Länder fear that politicians will be overwhelmed by their tasks.

In the western federal states, 39% said so. Nationally, this translates to an average of 41 percent.

According to reports, there were also differences between East and West regarding immigration issues. Nationally, 45% of those questioned raised concerns that the number of refugees could overwhelm the Germans and their authorities. In the west, 42 percent of participants said this, compared to 58 percent in the east. Fear of conflict caused by new immigration was mentioned by 52 percent in the east, 40 percent in the west and 42 percent nationally.

In the annual survey, participants are asked to rate given topics on a scale from one (no fear at all) to seven (very afraid). The insurance group publishes the annual survey for the 30th time. According to reports, approximately 2,400 representatively selected men and women aged 14 and over were interviewed between May 25 and July 4.

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