Global Rainscreen Cladding Market Size, Share, Worth, Applications, Business Boosting Strategies, Relevant Growth, Top Companies Analysis, Competitors Overview & Forecast till 2021-2027

Global Rainscreen Cladding Market 

Rainscreen cladding is defined as an external layer of water-shedding material which is frequently placed outside buildings. The cladding panels are made from a various materials including copper, zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel. It can protect the outer wall of a building from rainwater & prevents it from penetrating in the interiors of the buildings. Also, it is an effective siding or cladding system for enveloping old and new construction.

The expansion of the construction industry is expected to drive the global rainscreen cladding market growth during this forecast period. The construction sector is the largest consumer of raw materials across the globe. The industry is expected to expand at 4.2% per year in terms of market share, due to the growth in non-residential, residential and infrastructure projects. The increase in demand in commercial and residential applications for improved aesthetics & weather resistance is expected to propel the target market growth.

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Key players seek for continuous research and development activities to create unique panels & facades, which can provide enhanced moisture barrier properties. The performance & price of the rainscreen cladding is dependent on panel type insulation & framework used for the structure. These products strictly need to follow the standards set by the governing authorities across the various regions.

The growing construction spending especially for non-residential applications like commercial sectors, and office is expected to boost the adoption of rainscreen cladding in near future.

The high raw material and installation cost is expected to hamper the global rainscreen cladding market growth. Also, a major drawback in the design of these solutions is their inability to tackle gradients of air pressure which may hinder the market growth.

Market Segmentation

The Global Rainscreen Cladding Market is segmented into raw material such as Composite Material, Fiber Cement, Metal, High Pressure Laminates, Terracotta, Ceramic, and Others. Further, market is segmented into application such as Commercial, Residential, Offices, Institutional, and Industrial.

Also, the Global Rainscreen Cladding Market is segmented into five regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Regional Analysis

Europe is expected to hold the largest market share due to favorable government guidelines by EU with huge investment in residential & non-residential projects. Also, the North America is expected to hold second largest market share due to government initiatives for infrastructure & commercial projects is expected to propel the regional market growth. The rapid growth of single-family constructions is anticipated to have a positive impact on the industry in this region.

Market key Players

Various key players are discussed in this report such as Rockwool International A/S, SIKA, Everest Industries Limited, SFS Group AG, Sotech Architectural Façade Systems, Promat UK Ltd., CGL Façades Ltd, Celotex Ltd., ECO Earth Solutions Pvt Ltd, etc.

Market Taxonomy

By Raw Material

  • Composite Material
  • Fiber Cement
  • Metal
  • High Pressure Laminates
  • Terracotta
  • Ceramic
  • Others

By Application

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Institutional
  • Industrial

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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