Global warming | Turkey and Cyprus cook on the floor at 50 degrees Celsius

(Paris) Intense heat waves in Turkey and Cyprus caused the ground temperatures to rise to over 50 degrees Celsius for the second time within a month, the European Space Agency announced on Tuesday.

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 at 3:07 pm

Turkey suffers from the worst fires in a decade, devastating forests, agricultural land and inhabited areas on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

“It is clear that the surface temperature in Turkey and Cyprus has again exceeded 50 degrees”, the European Space Agency stated in a press release.

The agency has published a map of the region with several parts of it appearing in red. A map released on July 2, which merged the data collected by its Sentinel-3 satellite from the European Copernicus program, showed the same characteristics.


The Sentinel-3 satellite of the Copernicus program, a network of environmental observation satellites of the International Space Agency.

The weather forecast predicts air temperatures. The data collected by the satellite measure the actual amount of energy that is radiated from the ground, thus indicating the temperatures close to the ground.

Extract from the press release of the European Space Agency

These temperatures are the ones that one would feel if one touched the ground at a certain point, so the statements of NASA.

In the past few days, temperatures above forty degrees (air) in several cities in Turkey have led to record increases in electricity consumption, which on Monday led to blackouts in major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.

Neighboring Greece was hit by the biggest heat wave since 1987. Phenomena illustrating the increase in heat waves in Europe as a result of global warming of the planet.

According to scientists, these heat waves are a clear marker of global warming and these heat waves will multiply, prolong and intensify.

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