Google blocks access to some old phones

By September 27, Google plans to block access to its services to smartphones running Android 2.3.7 or earlier. The announcement was made by the US company on Monday, August 2. According to the explanations given by the US giant, the objective of this option is part of its “permanent efforts to guarantee the safety of users.” In fact, previous versions would no longer provide some security to user accounts.

“A newer version of Android”

The Californian company thus recommends its users to resort to “a more recent version of Android, 3.0”. We note that as of September 27, Google applications such as Google Maps, Youtube or Gmail will no longer be available. As of the date set by the California company, usernames and passwords of customers using the system will no longer be recognized by the system.

Google in innovation

According to the details provided by specialized media, owners of blocked laptops will still be able to access their account through the URL and their Gmail email at Remember that this announcement comes when the American company is in a vast process of innovation. Google now intends to use internally designed processors to equip its new Pixel smartphones for sale next fall. In doing so, it ends the use of Qualcomm semiconductors that have equipped its Android devices for more than 15 years.

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