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The pride of the Navy returns to Kiel after years of absence. The “Gorch Fock” is essentially a new ship. And the training ship is running well, said Captain Brandt.

Kiel (dpa) – After years of renovation, the training ship “Gorch Fock” returns to the Kiel naval base on Monday. “It drives very well,” said Commander Nils Brandt of the German news agency.

He awaits the trip with great joy, “to finally return to our home port after 2232 days”.

The traditional Lower Saxony sailor had been renovated for almost six years. The 10 million euros initially estimated became 135 million euros. In principle, this is an entirely new ship, Brandt said. “From the outside, not much has changed on the ship.”

Brandt was pleased with the way the completely renovated rowboat rests in the water. The in-depth renovation made it possible to considerably lighten the three-mast, 89 meters long. “It improved movement in the sea.” In total, more than 70 tonnes of weight have been saved through modifications. “It makes it more pleasant to ride in the sea and ultimately behaves much more easily when traveling.”

The captain is not afraid of getting seasick on the first trips after such a long time ashore. With age, sensitivity decreases. “So far I haven’t gotten seasick during test drives and all previous trips.”

During the stopover at the shipyard, political discussions took place over the future of the ship due to rising costs. “In 2018/19 when the big break came, I was actually worried that we could get the ship back up and running and keep it for the Navy,” Brandt said. Ultimately, the decision was made “for us”. Hopefully the sight of the ship in Kiel will convince many skeptics that the decision was the right one.

Before the sail training ship moored at Gorch Fock jetty at the Kiel-Wik naval base on Monday, the captain wanted to take the ship over the fjord to the state parliament: “After such a long absence from home port , we want to meet our godparents from Schleswig-Holstein at least once. Show the Holstein State Parliament. “

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