Greece | Forest fires lead to new evacuations

(Athens) Fire brigades and depth bombers fought on Monday in the south of the Greek island of Evia, which was again affected by the fire, and in the north-west of Athens against two new fires.

Posted on Aug 23, 2021 at 8:24 am

On the island of Evia in the east, the forest fire moved towards the seaside resort of Marmari, 200 km northeast of the Greek capital, where the authorities were preparing to evacuate the population by boat, according to the Greek news agency Ana. communicated.

This new forest fire broke out on Monday morning, two weeks after the fire devastated more than 50,000 acres in the north of the island.

On Monday lunchtime, a second fire broke out in Vilia, about sixty kilometers northwest of Athens, in a dense forest that had burned for six days last week before the fire could be brought under control on Saturday.


In Vilia, a firefighter fills his vehicle with water.

The Greek police decided to stop traffic on part of the motorway in this area and to evacuate two villages as a precaution.

“The fight against fires continues wherever there is a front,” said government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou on Monday.

The civil protection announced on Sunday in many regions of Greece a “very high fire risk” for Monday.

In total, more than 116,000 hectares in Greece have gone up in smoke since the end of July, creating scenes of the apocalypse.

Hundreds of houses and small businesses were destroyed in Evia, parts of the Peloponnese and the outskirts of Athens. Three people were killed in the fires.


This house in Kastri on the island of Evia went up in flames.

“We have already started to repair the damage and provide practical help to the disaster victims,” ​​said Yannis Oikonomou.

The firefighters deployed by the hundreds, with foreign reinforcements, remained in the face of the risk of fires flaring up on the island of Evia, the region hardest hit by these fires, and mobilized in the Arcadia region of the Peloponnese, very strong winds are expected.

The rampant fires around the world are linked to various phenomena that scientists have warned about due to global warming.

According to this, repeated heat waves are a clear characteristic and heat waves should multiply, last longer and intensify: an ideal combination for the occurrence of fires.

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