Greece | New fire near Athens, three villages evacuated as a precaution

(Athens) Three villages, which are about 50 km southeast of Athens, were evacuated as a precaution on Monday when a new vegetation fire broke out near the port of Lavrio, which serves some Cycladic islands, as we learned from the firefighters .

Posted on Aug 16, 2021 at 8:18 am

As with the wave of fire that struck Greece during a 15-day heat wave, a text message alert was sent to the residents of Markati, Syderina and Agios Konstantinos to immediately evacuate their homes to Lavrio.

“The fire has a broad front and the winds are very strong in the area,” Lieutenant Governor of East Attica, Thanasis Avgerinos, told AFP.

The hills there are overgrown with pine trees and are therefore very flammable. Some houses have already had to be damaged, ”he added.

More than 80 firefighters, supported by 30 trucks and 10 water bombers with planes and helicopters, were stationed on these dry hills, which were set ablaze by a line of flames, the firefighters told AFP.


A helicopter taking part in operations at Agios Konstantinos. participates

Also in Vilia, in a forest 60 km northwest of Athens, a second fire broke out on Monday, in which, according to the fire services, around 40 firefighters, 10 water bombers and helicopters and around 20 devices were mobilized.

Two villages on this front were also evacuated.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection warned on Monday of an increased risk of fire from strong winds.

Almost 103,000 hectares have been burned since late July in Greece, which was hit by an extraordinary heat wave in early August. The island of Evia, 200 km northeast of Athens, paid the highest price with more than half of the hectares burned, dozens of houses and flocks.

But the Peloponnese peninsula, 200 km west of Athens, and the northern suburbs of the capital were also badly affected by the 600 or so fires that set the country on fire in a few days and were finally declared under control on Friday.

When the mercury fell across Greece, around 30 degrees Celsius on Monday in the capital, the hundreds of firefighters deployed with foreign reinforcements remained mobilized in the face of the risk of resurgence.

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