Green State Finance Minister takes a critical look at wealth tax |

The reintroduction of a wealth tax is part of the Greens’ electoral program. Greens politician Bayaz is skeptical about this – and would let himself be talked about in coalition negotiations, for example.

Berlin (dpa) – Baden-Württemberg’s Green Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz criticizes a property tax demanded by his party and is therefore flexible for any coalition negotiations on the subject.

“The wealth tax is in our electoral platform – I see it personally skeptical, however,” he told the “Wirtschaftswoche”. Baden-Württemberg has many owner-managed businesses. “With them, a wealth tax would go to the bottom, I find that difficult.”

According to his presentation, it would be difficult to manage for the tax administration. “If they now had to count vintage cars every year and evaluate Picassos, that would be impossible,” Bayaz said. “Either subject would certainly be up for discussion in the negotiations.”

The most likely coalition option after the Bundestag elections on Sunday is a tripartite coalition with the Greens and the FDP, led by the SPD or the Union. The FDP categorically rejects a wealth tax.

Bayaz, however, recommended reducing the number of exceptions to inheritance tax and, if necessary, extending the payment over several years so that if there is a high commercial heritage, it “does not go to the point and does not endanger jobs and investments “.

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