Hanau’s Killer’s Father Appears in Court |

He allegedly made offensive statements in an advertisement and in two letters. Therefore, Hanau’s assassin’s father must answer in court.

Hanau (dpa) – The father of the Hanau striker is facing the insult charge at the Hanau district court today. These are statements in an advertisement and two letters to the authorities.

Public interest in the negotiation is high, with numerous press representatives announcing that they have been transferred to Congress Park Hanau as a precaution.

According to the court, the public prosecutor accuses the man of having described several people as “wild aliens” in a criminal complaint in January 2021. They had previously held a meeting under the slogan “We are not waiting for another racist attack ”near his home. Several relatives of the victims of the attack were among the participants in the rally.

The accused is the father of the 43-year-old German who shot dead nine people on racist grounds in Hanau on February 19, 2020, presumably before killing his mother and ultimately himself. Upon request, counsel for the accused did not comment on the allegations against his client.

Another case concerns a January 2021 letter to the attorney general, who had previously investigated the attack on the night of the crime. In the letter, the man allegedly referred to a special task force in Frankfurt, which was deployed to his home immediately after the attack, as a “terrorist command” or “terrorist unit”.

After all, in February 2021, in a letter to the Hanau District Court, he allegedly accused the mayor of Hanau, Claus Kaminsky (SPD) of “cheating”, among other things. Those affected were “mistreated, referred and seduced by the mayor in a manner typical to their disadvantage,” the court said in the letter.

The district court had stressed that all the allegations communicated are “preliminary descriptions, in which the presumption of innocence applies in favor of the accused and which are first examined by the court when obtaining evidence. at the scheduled hearing ”.

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