Haute cuisine in Lyon | A Martinkan cook has turned away from a dinner with Macron, the organizer pleads for mistakes

(Lyon) Invited to a prestigious dinner in the presence of Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening in Lyon, the cook of Martinkan origin Marcel Ravin was finally turned away. Discrimination according to him, a regrettable mistake according to the organizer.

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 at 4:27 pm

The star chef from a restaurant in Monaco had a formal invitation when he presented himself in the prefecture of Rhône, where an evening organized by the event company GL Events took place on the fringes of the International Catering Fair (Sirha).

This document, created on social networks, shows that the President of the Republic, the head of GL Events Olivier Ginon and Jérôme Bocuse, president of the Bocuse d’Or gastronomic competition, asked him to attend a free dinner of greats Cooks and pastry chefs.

But he was denied access to the premises by employees charged with checking the guests. “They told me that I was not on the list and that your manager didn’t want to know anything,” says Mr. Ravin, “shocked and disappointed”.

“Sad evening. Be invited and land on a sidewalk for an andouillette […] And they explain to me that we are no different. I’ll tell you what humiliation is, ”he wrote on Facebook.


Marcel Ravin was refused entry to the honorary dinner by the guest control staff. “They told me that I was not on the list and that your manager didn’t want to know anything,” says Mr. Ravin, “shocked and disappointed”.

“I hope that our profession fits together and that no chef who is recognized by his own kind is ever at the door again. I would like to believe that the organization of this event apologizes for the lack of consideration, “he added, while the President of the Territorial Community of Martinique, Serge Letchimy, denounced” an unacceptable act “.

When asked by AFP on Monday evening, GL Events spoke of “an unfortunate mistake”. “We regret this obviously unintentional incident on our part, nothing is oriented towards it,” said Luc Dubanchet, Director of Sirha Food Brands.

In his opinion, Mr. Ravin was not on the lists “a priori” because he had not accepted his invitation. Other people were like him on Sunday night, “for whom we could catch up because we were warned,” he said.

“But unfortunately we were not made aware of it there,” added Mr Dubanchet, conveying GL Events’ apology to Mr Ravin.

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