Health ministers relax quarantine rules for schools |

After the end of the holidays, one can also expect the incidence of corona among schoolchildren in Saxony. Going forward, there should be nationally uniform quarantine rules.

Berlin / Chemnitz.

More class quarantines and the possibility of being able to test yourself in close contact with people infected with corona after five days of quarantine: these are the key points of the national rules that state health ministers agreed on Monday evening. So far, federal states have treated corona cases in schools differently.

In Saxony, lessons started after the summer holidays on Monday from class 5 with the obligatory mask also during lessons and the obligation that girls and boys first test themselves for the virus three times per week. In the event of a positive test, the whole class is no longer quarantined, but only the student concerned and close contacts. Everyone needs to test themselves closely to avoid major outbreaks. With this strategy, the Ministry of Culture and Social Affairs hopes to better control this school year than the previous one, characterized by weeks of closure and home education. Class time has also been lost due to class quarantines.

The majority of federal state health ministers have now spoken in favor of simpler quarantine rules for corona cases in schools. In principle, quarantine should no longer be ordered for the whole class in a case. Children without symptoms who are in quarantine as close contacts should be able to end it with a negative test no sooner than after five days. The regulations should also apply to day care centers. The chairman of heads of state departments, Klaus Hole-tschek (CSU) of Bavaria, said this should serve as a “guardrail” for health authorities. The common goal is to ensure as much classroom instruction as possible in the new school year – with the best possible infection protection for everyone.

“School principals look at this year with great respect and want to make schools as safe as possible,” said Roman Schulz, spokesperson for the State Office for Schools and Education in Chemnitz. Health authorities should continue to have the final say on quarantine in the future, so local rules can be stricter if necessary. Roman Schulz names the parents’ concerns brought to him. Thus, individual decisions could be confusing if several students were to be quarantined in one class and only the child tested positive in another.

The Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs rejects fears of overloading local authorities with individual decisions: health authorities are legally responsible for protective measures for all infectious diseases on site, argues the ministry. Since the start of the pandemic, they have known about the subject and have increased their numbers. In practice, the passage taken by the decisions of the local health authorities may have little meaning. Because the authorities adhere to the guidelines. A spokesperson for the Zwickau district clarifies, for example, that the ministry’s recommendations are usually followed with dpa

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