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(Paris) At the beginning of the school year, opponents of the health passport and a possible vaccination against COVID-19 demonstrated calmly in France on Saturday, many vehemently opposed the vaccination of children and adolescents.

Posted on Aug 21, 2021 at 12:27 pm

Leo MOUREN and the AFP Agence France-Presse offices

Last Saturday, the Interior Ministry identified 214,845 demonstrators, slightly fewer than the previous week. The militant collective Le Nombre Jaune had counted 388,843 participants, also slightly less than the 415,000 it had counted the previous Saturday.

On this sixth mobilization weekend in a row, parades again took place from north to south, without overflowing.


“Get vaccinated if you want, but we are against a pass to the hospital or for shopping, we are calling for the law to be repealed”, announced one of the emblematic figures of the West movement in Pau (77,000 inhabitants), “Jérôme Rodrigues, the according to the police, 2,700 protesters face.

The health pass has been extended to more than 120 major shopping centers and stores in the Paris region and the southern half of France since Monday. This can be proof of full vaccination, an antigen test within 72 hours, or proof of illness within the last six months.

In Lille, the procession – according to the prefecture 3,200 people – pulled behind the sign “Let’s get Macron out with his passport and his stupid reforms”.

A few firefighters and nurses appeared – subject to mandatory vaccination – like a woman in a white coat and waved the sign “Heroes yesterday, today bastards?” I’m fired! ”

“I am waiting for the French vaccine”


Around 3,200 people demonstrated in Lille.

Among the protesters, many parents and grandparents were concerned about the possible extension of the vaccination to children under 12 years of age.

This measure is “out of date” in France, said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer on Thursday.

12-17 year olds have been able to be vaccinated since mid-June and 55% of them have already received a dose.

Protesters at the head of the procession in Bordeaux shouted “Don’t touch our children”. José Mata, a 57-year-old professor and grandfather, was not convinced by the official or scientific speeches in Lille and asked himself: “There is still a risk with this new vaccine, even if the risk is small. We don’t just give kids drugs […] So why a new vaccine? “.

According to the authorities, 4,100 demonstrated in Strasbourg, 3,400 in Bordeaux and Toulouse, 3,000 in Bayonne, 2,500 in Nice, 2,300 in Nantes and even 2,000 in Caen. The prefectures noted a reflux in Toulon (with 6000 participants) but an increase in Montpellier (9500).

The Paris demonstrators were divided into four rallies, including two at the initiative of collectives of the “yellow vests” and one at the request of Florian Philippot, ex-number 2 of the Front National, leader of the “Patriots”.

Monique Bourhis, 75 years old and “not vaccinated”, had taken the train from the Eure to Paris like “every Saturday” to demonstrate in Paris: “I don’t have to show a document to go to the café. I am not against the vaccine, but I’m waiting for the French (vaccine). There we will know what’s inside, “said this retired pensioner who was sensitive to Mr Philippot’s speech, defiant of the messenger RNA vaccines that equates them with “poison”.

On Friday evening, nearly 2,100 patients with the virus were still hospitalized in intensive care in France, with situations varying widely from region to region.

The Guadeloupe CHU is proposing the recall of all its employees and, according to a statement by the prefect of the region, “60 additional deaths have been reported” since Monday. In French Polynesia, schools, colleges and high schools will be closed on Monday because of “the spread of the Delta virus in schools” […] requires a strong response, ”said Archipelago President Edouard Fritch.

The Prime Minister, who traveled to the hospital center in Etampes (Essonne) on Friday, had stressed that none of the five patients admitted to the intensive care unit had been vaccinated and saw “proving examples”. “It’s always the same profile: (patients) younger and not vaccinated,” emphasized Jean Castex.

“Hands off Raoult”


In Marseille, the crowd of several thousand protesters went to the Institute of Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital, led by Didier Raoult – promoter of a very controversial treatment for COVID-19 patients. By singing La Marseillaise, they expressed their support for him, according to the statements of the General Director of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille, who does not want to renew the 69-year-old specialist in infectious diseases at the head of the IHU Méditerranée Infection.

“You want to disgrace him!” “Mr. Philippot, also launched in Paris, posters” do not touch Raoult “appeared under the French flags.

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