High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Coating Market to Register Growth in Revenue During the Forecast Period 2017 – 2027


High Velocity Oxygen Fuel coating is a process of thermal spray coating which is used to develop or restore a component’s surface dimensions or properties, thus prolonging equipment life by significantly increasing wear resistance, erosion, and corrosion protection.

To produce an exceptional coating hardness, for metals, alloys and ceramics, high velocity oxygen fuel coating is considered as one of the best option in coating industry. HVOF coating provide substantial wear resistance, outstanding adhesion to the substrate material.

Increasing demand of thermal sprays upsurges the high value growth of HVOF coating market. Owing to the HVOF coating properties and numerous applications for metals and alloys, this become a most potential method for producing a well adherent coating with low porosity.

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HVOF process is considered as a prominent method for those materials which are very sensitive to the phase transformation owing to oxidation and evaporation. This process of coating is provide solution for the aerospace and industrial customers to coat aircraft and industrial parts.

There are number of market players spent enormous amount of capital on research and development facility to improve HVOF coating efficiency and sustain an effective position in the market.

Global High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coating market: Market dynamics:

Increasing demand of HVOF coating is because of growing usage of thermal spraying in automotive and aerospace industry as a replacement of hard chrome coating. Aerospace industry is accounted for high market share in high velocity oxygen fuel coating market, owing to its properties of providing improved performance, electrical properties, efficiency and improved life of mating components.

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HVOF coating process is the finest coating for those material which are sensitive to the phase oxidation. Diversified application of HVOF coating in aerospace and equipment industry for to process material including steels, aluminum superalloys, and titanium propel the market demand for HVOF coating.

There are certain factors hider the market growth of high velocity oil fuel coating market including stringent environment regulations, process consistency and reliability of coating material. Intense market competition in coating industry is also one the restraining factor for the high velocity oil fuel coating market.

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