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Increasingly, USB drives can store a large amount of data. This is even an excellent solution for professionals who are constantly on the go. However, storing confidential information on a USB drive is still risky. If it falls into the wrong hands, your data can be used against you. Therefore, we recommend that you protect your device to limit threats. Here you will find how to protect your USB memory with a password.

Password protection solutions without encryption

To strengthen the security of the data on your USB drive, you must ensure that you choose a strong password (consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters). Then you can use one of the solutions offered here.

Set a password for the Word files on the USB drive

If you have decided to protect your USB drive, it is because it contains personal and confidential information. As a first solution, instead of protecting the key itself, you can point directly to the Word files. This will prevent others from opening or using them.

Also, if you send these documents to a contact and they are intercepted, the criminal will not be able to get anything out of them. Also, take all measures now, try a VPN on your Mac, and protect your data. Regarding protecting Word files from USB drive, here’s how to do it:

Open the document you want to protect; Go to “File” (in Word) and click on “Information”; Then select “Protect the document”, then “Encrypt with password”; Enter the password of your choice (with accents, uppercase letters, and other special characters).

Add a password for a folder on the USB memory

In addition to Word files, you can also protect folders on your USB drive. But for it to be successful, you must use archiving software like 7-Zip or WinRar. These two simple and lightweight solutions guarantee you enhanced protection against unauthorized access. For setup, follow the steps below:

Go to the folder to secure and press right click; select 7-Zip (or WinRar), then “Add to archive” (you can also directly open 7-Zip and choose the folder before clicking “Add to archive”); Now determine the file format (.zip or .winrar), enter your password and click “OK” to finish.

Encryption and password protection solutions

Here, to protect your USB drive, you can use encryption software to generate a password. However, if you have a Mac OS device, you won’t need it. You just need to encrypt the USB drive with the Mojave Finder utility (10.14). On the other hand, if you have another computer model (Windows in particular), you can opt for the following solutions:

USB Safeguard: this software protects the data on the USB key by authorizing its access with a secure password. It has the AES encryption algorithm and secure computer browsing; Rohos: allows you to create a separate encrypted drive on the USB stick, then place your confidential data there. It adapts to all media; Renee File Protector – This software is also useful for encrypting and protecting files on a USB key. It stands out for its reliability and speed; VeraCrypt: is an encryption tool compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers; SafeHouse Explorer – Designed for file browsing, it is also used to protect data with password and 256-bit encryption.

Create a partition of the USB drive in Windows

This solution will allow you to encrypt all the files and data on the USB drive. Therefore, all information will be protected. But remember that the higher the storage capacity of the key, the longer the encryption phase. To be successful in this action, follow these steps:

Choose and install the encryption software on your computer (take Rohos Mini for example); Run the application, connect your USB key and click “Protect USB Drive”; A window will appear with the characteristics of the encrypted USB memory partition (you can make more space for the partition by pressing “Volume details”). Then you can set the desired size (in MB) and the file system (FAT, FAT32 or NTFS). Click “OK” Add password to access the partition and confirm it. Finally, you can add your documents and data to the partition to protect them. See comments

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