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humans could not live more than 4 years on the planet

This is sad news that has been announced regarding the exploration and colonization of the planet Mars. In fact, human beings participating in space missions to the red planet may not live there for more than four years. This is an observation made by an international team of scientists.

A situation caused by cosmic radiation

According to the latter, a mission leading to the planet Mars could not exceed four years. This without endangering the lives of all the human beings present there. Furthermore, the study group that reached this conclusion was able to determine the cause of this situation. In fact, the fact that humans could not live more than 4 years on the red planet is caused by cosmic radiation. According to the team of scientists, the planet Mars does not have any more magnetosphere that is as efficient as the planet Earth. It is this that in fact guarantees that the inhabitants are protected from the radiation in question.

The perfect time to send humans to the red planet.

Researchers go even further by pointing out that these come from celestial bodies and the sun. It should be noted that in addition to the calculation that made it possible to determine the maximum of four years during which a human can live on Mars, the team of scientists also pointed out the ideal time to send human beings to the red planet. The right moment, according to him, would be the paroxysm of a “solar maximum” where the sun’s particles could deflect even the most dangerous radiation, which comes from beyond the solar system.

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