Hundreds of Opponents of Corona’s Policy Demonstrate in Berlin | Free press

On August 29, a year ago, demonstrators broke a cordon in the Reichstag building. Police expect another demonstration in the government quarter for today.

Berlin (dpa) – Even on Sunday, protests against Germany’s corona policy started in Berlin, despite the bans. Hundreds of people crossed the city center in several groups, police said.

Police took some participants into custody because they called on people to join the protests. Rescuers accompanied the groups and asked them to keep their distance from each other. About 2,200 police forces are in service.

Many protesters gathered in the morning in Humboldthain north of the city center. A demonstration against the dog leash was indeed recorded there. According to the police, the organizer canceled this demonstration at short notice on Sunday. S-Bahn trains on the north-south lines did not stop at Humboldthain. “Keep your way there: there will be no meeting at this point,” police said.

Several thousand people demonstrated against the city’s corona policy on Saturday. Several protests had been banned because assembly authorities expected infection protection requirements such as distance and mask wearing would not be met. In a rally case on Leipziger Platz, the administrative court overturned the ban.

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