Hurricane Henri downgraded to tropical storm

(New York) Tropical storm Henri is slated to hit the northeastern US country on Sunday, where authorities are urging the population to exercise extreme caution, especially in the face of potential floods and power outages.

Posted on Aug 22, 2021 at 8:14 am Updated at 10:35 am

Peter HUTCHISON with Robin LEGRAND in the Washington Agence France-Presse

In winds of up to 110 km / h, according to a report by the US Hurricane Monitoring Center, NHC, Henri has to touch the American coasts of New England or Long Island near New York in the late morning or early afternoon on Sunday, which turns him from hurricane to tropical storm downgraded.

“A relative weakening is possible this morning, but it is still expected that Henry will be a major tropical storm by the time it hits the coasts of southern New England and Long Island,” the bulletin said, before a “rapid weakening” was expected after landing.

As the surface of the oceans warms up, hurricanes get stronger, according to scientists. In particular, they pose an increasingly significant risk to coastal communities that are victims of flood waves that are aggravated by rising sea levels.

The northeastern United States is usually relatively untouched by such storms, which typically affect more southerly states like Florida or Louisiana.


A sign told motorists traveling on a highway in Long Island, New York that a hurricane warning was in effect on August 21.

Despite the transition from hurricane to tropical storm, Henri remains a source of danger, according to the authorities.

7 to 15 cm of precipitation are expected in the entire region, and according to the NHC in places up to 25 cm, while the worsening weather conditions already on Saturday the big concert in Central Park on the occasion of the “reunion” of the artists with the New York audience.

“Parts of the northeastern United States are expected to experience dangerous rises in coastal waters, strong gusts of wind, and rainfall that can cause flooding,” the NHC warned.

“Destructive Winds”

The mayor of Boston, the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, urged residents on Sunday morning to prepare for “destructive winds” and “potential power outages”.

“Please stay inside,” Kim Janey pleaded at a press conference.

The New York State Governor declared a state of emergency on Saturday as the storm approached, adding that 500 National Guard soldiers had been mobilized to aid efforts to respond to the storm.

“Be prepared for heavy rains, strong winds and power outages,” Andrew Cuomo also told residents of potentially affected areas.

The worsening weather conditions on Saturday night forced to stop the big concert in Central Park, which was organized on the occasion of the “reunion” of the artists with the New York audience. The singer Barry Manilow was interrupted in the middle of a song by a voice calling on the audience to evacuate the place quickly but calmly.

The country’s cultural and economic capital still remembers Hurricane Sandy, which killed 44 people in 2012.

In Massachusetts, the city of Boston, Governor Charlie Baker called “everyone to avoid unnecessary travel,” especially in coastal areas.

In this state, where all beaches and parks are closed between Saturday and Monday, the hurricane could cause blackouts for 100,000 to 300,000 residents, the governor’s services said.

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