Hurricane Henri hits the northeastern United States

(New York) Henri, a storm that has turned into a Category 1 hurricane, is headed directly for the northeastern United States, a region that is usually relatively untouched by hurricanes, with flooding and heavy rainfall that may already be on Sunday mornings are to be expected.

Posted on Aug 21, 2021 at 11:21 am Updated Aug 22, 2021 at 12:04 pm

With wind speeds of now up to 120 km / h, Henri is expected to reach the American coast near Long Island near New York or a little further north in New England on Sunday, as the American Hurricane Monitoring Center (NHC) confirmed in its bulletin at 11 p.m. (3 a.m.) GMT) that the hurricane was moving north at over 30 km / h.

The worsening weather conditions caused the grand concert organized in Central Park to celebrate the “reunion” of the artists with the New York audience to come to a standstill. Singer Barry Manilow was interrupted in the middle of a song by a voice urging viewers to evacuate the premises quickly but calmly.

“Henri moves faster. Dangerous spikes in coastal waters, hurricane conditions and rainfall leading to flooding are expected in parts of the northeastern United States starting tonight or early Sunday, “the NHC also warned.

Seven to 15 cm of precipitation is expected across the region, up to 25 cm in places, he said.

The National Meteorological Service announced on Saturday evening that Henri would remain a Category 1 hurricane upon arriving on the coast.


In the entire region, seven to 15 cm of precipitation is expected, in places up to 25 cm.

Part of the northeastern United States, including New York, was put on alert Friday over the approach of Henri, which could become the first hurricane to hit the New England coast in 30 years.

“The last hurricane to hit New England on land dates back to Bob in 1991,” said a spokesman for the US Agency for the Study of the Ocean and Atmosphere. This hurricane killed at least 17 people on the east coast.

Emergency condition

Given the threat, several governors urged the population to exercise caution.

“Hurricane Henri could be the first hurricane to hit Long Island directly since the 1980s. To New Yorkers, take this seriously. Prepare for the arrival of the storm forecast for Sunday TODAY. Watch your local forecast and stay safe “New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday in a tweet that expects the terms to last” 26 hours. ”

“I declared a state of emergency before Hurricane Henri,” announced those elected, saying that 500 National Guard soldiers had been mobilized to support efforts to respond to the storm. “Be prepared for heavy rains, strong winds and power outages,” Andrew Cuomo also told residents of potentially affected areas in New York State.

The country’s cultural and economic capital still remembers Hurricane Sandy, which killed 44 people in 2012.

In Massachusetts, the city of Boston, Governor Charlie Baker called “everyone to avoid unnecessary travel,” especially in coastal areas.

In this state, where all beaches and parks are closed between Saturday and Monday, the hurricane could cause blackouts for 100,000 to 300,000 residents, the governor’s services said.

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