IAEA: Iran relentlessly pursues expansion of nuclear program |

The IAEA deplores the shortcomings that have now emerged in monitoring Iran’s nuclear efforts. After all, the country uses ever more modern and powerful centrifuges.

Vienna (dpa) – Iran continues to expand its nuclear program with unmatched momentum. According to a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Tehran has again increased the amount of highly enriched uranium.

At the same time, according to an IAEA analysis, the Islamic Republic is using ever more modern and powerful centrifuges for the production of highly enriched uranium. To build an atomic bomb, uranium must be 90% pure. According to the report, Iran now has ten kilograms of uranium which is almost military grade and 60% enriched. Most recently it was 2.4 kilograms. The total amount of uranium, however, has declined by 700 kilograms to around 2,500 kilograms compared to the IAEA’s June report on Iran.

This means that Iran continues to clearly violate the requirements of the 2015 Vienna Atomic Energy Agreement, which was supposed to prevent it from building an atomic bomb. Tehran has always claimed that its nuclear program is for civilian use only.

The IAEA regrets the loopholes that have now emerged in the control of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear efforts. The authority’s confidence in maintaining its ongoing knowledge of sites and facilities has declined significantly, according to the report. For several months, the IAEA has been denied access to its recording devices.

Meanwhile, Iran has confirmed its willingness to continue negotiations to relaunch the deal in Vienna. A date for this has not been given. Negotiations on the rescue of the nuclear deal that had been taking place in Vienna since April were halted after the presidential election in mid-June and the change of government in Iran. The remaining partners in the deal – China, Germany, France, the UK and Russia – are looking to bring the US back to the deal. At the same time, Iran is also expected to comply with its conditions again.

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