Identical twins react differently when infected with Covid-19

It is an especially rare event that occurred in the United States. Two 35-year-old twin sisters, Kelly and Kimberly, who were infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), reacted differently to the disease. The virus didn’t cause Kelly as much of a problem as it did Kimberly. In an interview with the American media CNN, the latter said the situation had brought her to intensive care.

It got complicated for Kimberly

“It got so intense that I passed out and went to intensive care,” said Kimberly, who said she was moved from unit to unit for ongoing care. It got so complicated for Kimberly that her sister Kelly became worried. “I thought I was going to lose my sister because there were so many tubes and cables attached to her. She looked vulnerable, ”said Kelly. Let us note that the situation does not surprise doctors, who are always amazed that two such identical people react differently to an illness.

According to virologist Mishita Goel, several factors that have yet to be clarified could explain this different response in the twins. “There can be many other factors that can affect a more intense response, such as diet and lifestyle. So it’s extremely complicated as a file, ”she explained.

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