In the face of cyberattacks, the US asks Google and Amazon for help

The United States has recently been the victim of several cyberattacks targeting some of its companies. To remedy this situation, the White House has asked several large US technology companies such as Google and Amazon to help it consolidate its fight against cyber attacks.

Your mission is to reduce the risk of a cyber attack

To better fight cyber attacks, the US cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, CISA, has created a task force. In addition, it will aim to quickly provide a coordinated response between representatives of the private sector, local and federal authorities. Its mission is also to reduce the risk of a cyber attack occurring. The group formed by CISA is made up of several companies such as those specialized in cybersecurity such as Palo Alto Networks, FireEye Mandiant and Crowdstrike. These are joined by telecommunications operators such as Verizon, Lumen and AT&T. Please note that this working group was released on Tuesday August 3rd.

Cyber ​​attacks cost the world a fortune

In a statement, Jen Easterly, CISA Director, said: “Our primary focus will be to combat ransomware and develop a planning framework to coordinate incidents affecting remote IT (cloud) service providers.” It must be said that cyberattacks cost the whole world a fortune. Still, according to Jen Easterly, “the damage caused by cybercrime is costing the world billions of dollars and ransomware has become a scourge.”

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